Our planning application

In May 2022, we submitted a ‘hybrid’ planning application to North Northamptonshire Council.

Our ‘hybrid’ planning application includes:

  • Detailed plans for the first phase of development, including internal site roads, plans for the flagship DSV building, strategic landscaping and other critical infrastructure.
  • ‘Outline’ plans for the remainder of the site, which will require detailed planning applications for individual buildings and facilities as they come forward. These applications would be developed in accordance with the Design Code to ensure a consistent standard and approach across the whole site.
Indicative emerging proposals

Indicative layout of emerging proposals (May 2022) – click to enlarge Indicative layout of emerging proposals (May 2022)

The planning application is supported by a Planning Statement, and a comprehensive suite of documents and technical studies covering all issues that are potentially relevant to the development of the site.

This work has assessed our proposals in the context of the existing situation, and takes account of other planned developments in the local area.

The key issues covered by our technical work include:

  • Planning policy
  • Socio-economic factors
  • Landscape and visual
  • Archaeology and built heritage
  • Transport and highways
  • Air quality
  • Noise and vibration
  • Flood risk and drainage
  • Utilities
  • Sustainability and energy

The masterplan shows:

  1. An enhanced roundabout on the A605 – providing safe access for vehicles into and out of the site and improving the movement of traffic through the junction
  2. A flagship new facility for DSV – accommodating growth of the business and providing a highly sustainable and efficient base for its operations in Thrapston
  3. Space to attract other occupiers – with the potential for a range of building sizes to meet the specific needs of individual businesses and providing a mix of quality jobs
  4. Flexible space for smaller occupiers – supporting innovation and growth of local businesses
  5. A strategic landscape corridor at least 33m wide along the northern boundary and extending to 100m at its widest point – helping to screen sensitive views and providing a new connection for pedestrians and cyclists linked to local routes
  6. Structural landscaping around the site and between buildings – helping to soften the environment, filter views of buildings, and create a network of linked green spaces
  7. A series of linked water features – forming part of a sustainable drainage system (SuDS) that manages surface water (flow and quality), holds it in underground tanks and open-air ponds, and ensures the site does not result in flooding nearby

The masterplan has been developed to deliver an integrated solution to many other factors relevant to the development of the site. This includes:

  • Creating a high-quality gateway into Thrapston that marks your arrival to the town when travelling along the A605 from the north
  • Reprofiling the site to create level plateaus for buildings and redistributing soil within the site to minimise any import / export of materials
  • Meeting the operational requirements of occupiers and supporting their workforces with amenity space as part of an attractive, safe and well maintained setting
  • Meeting the requirements of the highway authority to ensure the safe movement of people and vehicles across the site
  • Providing utilities that allow the site to operate as part of a sustainable energy strategy

Please click the links below to view our:

You can view our full planning application by searching for NE/22/00698/OUT on North Northamptonshire Council’s planning portal. The Council is holding its consultation on our plans which is now open for comments.