Building design

Our planning application is supported by a Design and Access Statement, which establishes design principles for the development and masterplan that are appropriate to the site and the surrounding area.

Our starting point was the IM Properties Design Standard – a document we use to ensure consistency across all our developments while allowing flexibility so each development is appropriate to its surroundings and able to meet the requirements of individual occupiers.

As required by the Town and Country Planning Act, the Design and Access Statement explains the work we have done to understand the development within a local context, and how we have taken this into account within our designs and plans.

At Thrapston Business Park, our plans propose a high-quality palette of materials to present premium buildings that would be seen from short distance views filtered by trees and hedgerows along the boundaries.

The buildings would be visible from some long distance views, so we are proposing a roof form and elevational treatment to limit their appearance in the wider landscape. Our development at Mercia Park adopts a similar approach and shows how these details can help.

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Long-distance view of new buildings at Mercia Park – click to enlarge Long-distance view of new buildings at Mercia Park

DSV has its own detailed requirements for the outside and inside of its building, including space for a gym and other high-quality welfare facilities for employees. We have worked with them to meet their requirements and deliver the best possible design solution that complements our approach to the rest of the site.

The office components are a focal point for each building, and would be positioned to accommodate solar shading elements into a two storey atrium.

Indicative design approach

Indicative image of design approach – click to enlarge Indicative image of design approach

At Thrapston Business Park, we are committed to low energy specification, renewable technologies, and sustainable procurement, and we will be engaging with all potential occupiers to optimise their energy strategy.

Our standard building specification has evolved to facilitate net zero ready with the following measures incorporated:

  • Min. BREEAM level of Very Good for all buildings.
  • EPC A-rating.
  • Installation of roof mounted Photovoltaic cells.
  • Use of a range of energy efficiently measures such as LED lighting, thermally efficient materials and roof lights to facilitate daylight penetration reducing energy consumption of artificial lighting.
  • Potential utilisation of larger percentage roof coverage of rooflights and intelligent lighting systems.
  • Sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) will be incorporated for the external works where practicable.
  • Utilise off-site fabrication for major building components providing CO2 savings.
  • New links with existing public transport and footpath/ cycle route network.
  • Conservation, where possible and enhancement of existing planting and habitat and proposed landscape framework to improve biodiversity.
  • Use of climate tolerant species within the green infrastructure.
  • Demountable and reusable steel frame.

All of our design work has been shaped by the UK Green Building Council Performance Standards.

Solar Panels