Landscape led

Our planning application is supported by a detailed Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, which provides an objective assessment of the likely impact of the development on the local landscape.

Our approach has been driven by the need to minimise visual impact while also creating a high-quality and interesting place to work. Reprofiling the site and incorporating strategic landscaping along sensitive boundaries is part of our strategy, and we have carefully considered how the detailed design of individual buildings, mitigation, and compensation measures can achieve this

The landscape and visual impact assessment has informed this approach. Identifying appropriate mitigation and compensation measures to reduce adverse impacts of the development, and helping place the landscape and provision of open space and green infrastructure at the heart of the development process.

Our plans

Assessments show that the site’s elevated position within the landscape would allow wider views from the west and north-west across the Nene Valley, while its proximity to Titchmarsh and the immediate network of footpaths and bridleways would allow shorter range views.

Our plans are designed to preserve a robust green corridor and landscaped edge along the northern and eastern boundaries, with building set back and their appearance filtered as this planting establishes.

The remaining boundaries and internal landscape areas have also been carefully designed to provide an attractive setting for the development alongside areas of new ecological habitats, circular trails and walks.

Our lighting strategy is focused on avoiding light spill by using installations that direct light downwards and into the site. Lights would be visible without contributing to light pollution.

The access from the A605 is important and creates an opportunity to deliver a high-quality gateway to Thrapston – creating a sense of arrival and defining the boundary to the town.

Indicative design approach

Indicative image of gateway into Thrapston – click to enlarge Indicative image of gateway into Thrapston

Viewpoint location plan

Plan showing viewpoint locations – click to enlarge Plan showing viewpoint locations

Viewpoint panorama

Indicative image of proposed DSV unit and landscaping at year 10 from viewpoint 5 – click to enlarge Indicative image of proposed DSV unit and landscaping at year 10 from viewpoint 5